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VdA Academia

Training Projects

At VdA Academia we promote, organize and sponsor training sessions for VdA's lawyers and support staff.

These training sessions are divided into in-house and external sessions. The in-house sessions are usually planned and organized by VdA Academia and take place at VdA's premises. As for external training events, they are usually proposed by the applicants themselves and take place under the scope of VdA Academia's scholarship programme at the chosen training centers or universities.
During 2012 VdA Academia spent 1300 hours in in-house training sessions. An added 95 external training sessions were attended and VdA Academia sponsored eight shcolarships. All training sessions are duly monitored and evaluated in order to assess the level of satisfaction of attendees and to foster a high quality level to all training.

Internal Courses

Internal courses promoted by VdA Academia are set out in an Annual Training Plan and is organised in 3 main axes:

Technical-Legal Courses (Hard Skills)

The annual internal training plan for VdA lawyers in relation to technical matters is carried out in strict connection with the Practice Areas, envisaging the updating and deepening of the legal knowledge of VdA lawyers.

Performance Courses (Soft Skills)

Performance courses develop under separate Training Plans, in accordance with different demands in terms of skills to be developed.

These actions are ensured by Managing Companies specialised and certified within the training sector. 

Management and Leadership Courses (Leadership Skills)

With the goal of supporting development and consolidation of management and leadership skills, VdA Academia has organised a management and leadership program in articulation with EGP - University of Porto - Business School.

The Advanced Law Firm Management Executive Programme is a pioneering programme in a Portuguese law firm and is aimed at VdA's leadership structure.

External Courses and VdAcademia Scholarships

All VdA lawyers and co-workers may apply for a VdA Academia scholarship in order to finance external specialised course, namely post-graduate and masters degrees, LLMs, MBAs, doctorates, conferences, seminars.

Further to granting scholarships, VdAcademia regulates the amount of time provided for studying and writing of essays, reports, thesis and exams and controls compliance with the duties undertaken by lawyers and co-workers.