Held for the first time in an online format, this year 13th edition was fully adapted to present times.

With eyes on the future of work trends, emerging issues were addressed, informing 150 law students about new trends and the impact of digital transformation in the law sector, and also the importance of lifelong learning, pointing out directions for the development of differentiating soft skills for their professional careers as future lawyers.

Leveraging the advantages of the online format, we launched participants with several challenges around the topics covered, fostering interaction and collaboration between students. We also provide an “Ask me Anything…” moment, very much appreciated by the students, in which Jorge Bleck, Partner in the M&A area at VdA, answered several questions raised by students about his own professional experience and career as top lawyer.

The 15 most outstanding students in this edition were awarded with the CoachYourFuture @ VdA Award, a career coaching program specially designed to help them build their professional development pathways.

Last but not the least, this year we also carried out a survey among students about their level of knowledge and awareness on the new challenges brought on skills development by this changing world environment. VdA Academia will share the final survey results and analysis later in May.