Aiming for the contribution of promotion of gender equality, empowering women to perform functions in Director and Supervisory Boards, VdA Academia, promotes, in partnership with Porto Business School, ISEG and PWN Lisbon, the 3rd edition of Women on Boards Executive Programme, a programme that will take place on the 8th, 9th, 10th, 23rd and 24th of May in Lisbon.

During 5 days, management, legal and behavioural content will be addressed, providing the development of knowledge and skills in key areas for the successful pursuit of these functions. In a proximity and sharing register, participants will also have networking opportunities with Guest and KeyNote Speakers, getting to know their experience and the challenges they face as managers.

This programme contributes to the development of a broad, complete and essential knowledge matrix for the resolution of business practice situations. According to Rita Sampaio Nunes, one of our participants in of the second edition, her “activity as a member of the Board [of the Autoridade da Mobilidade e dos Transportes] gained a lot, not only due to the knowledge acquired, but also through the perspective obtained through dialogue and exchange of experiences with the participants, the guests and the trainers. Initiatives such as these are essential to prepare women for the challenging times of greatest diversity".

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