The VII Meeting of Corporate Academies "Learning with a Purpose - A Universe of Opportunities for People and Organizations", organized by VdA Academia in partnership with ECO, took place last January 19th at Centro Cultural de Belém.

Margarida Couto and Sandra Pedro Serrano opened the event, followed by João Vieira de Almeida who shared with those present the purpose of VdA. In a panel dedicated to the Universe of Opportunities for People and Organizations, Filipa Ambrósio de Sousa, Media Partner at Eco, moderated the discussion on the main challenges that are faced in this context, together with Sandra Brito Pereira (Montepio Bank), Rita Roque Figueiredo (Fidelidade), Paulo Rodrigues da Silva (Miles in The Sky) and Jaime Ferreira da Silva (Dave Morgan).

Read here* the news published in ADVOCATUS with the main moments and interventions of the Meeting.


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