VdA, VdA Academia and Associação de Jovens JusLaboralistas (AJJ), in partnership with AAFDL, are proud to present VdA Summer School 2018.

This initiative, in its first edition, will address practical issues relating to, among other concerns, labour law at home and abroad, work process, and Social Security, and is intended for students who have already completed the Curricular Unit of Labour Law in their respective Universities and who wish to develop professional skills related to this branch of law.

Over three days, participants will be able to work directly with lawyers who specialise in labour law, growing accustomed to the day to day practice of labour law and developing hard and soft skills relevant to that practice.

The Summer School will take place from 10th-12th September at the VdA offices in Lisbon.

On the last day of the programme, students may attend a conference on the most recent changes to the legal regime regulating the transfer of shareholdings.

All students are invited and encouraged to register until 31st July, applying here.

If you are accepted, you will be asked to pay a fee of € 25.00, which will revert to a nonprofit to be determined.