From today on, the 20th of November, VdA Academia’s office is at Rua Dom Luís I, 28, 1200-151 Lisbon, in Santos neighborhood.
Joining together in the new space the concepts of proximity, sustainability, innovation and technology, the new location offers an Auditorium with 140 seated seats, a Library, with more than 4 500 titles, and an Art Gallery, with a monthly cultural program.
Grounded on VdA’s fundamental values, the new office includes Innovation, Training and Brainstorming Labs, a Music Studio and three modular spaces available for informal reunions. The building still provides technological solutions and energetic efficiency, offering the workers the possibility to use electric scooters and bikes to move around.
The change of office, accordingly to João Vieira de Almeida, managing partner, allows us to prepare for the future challenges of law firms, reinforcing VdA’s culture, which is felt in all of the concept.