The world is undergoing rapid transformation, so the need to develop new skills that allow us to face and be prepared for the challenges of the future are essential today.

In order to study among law students their level of knowledge and awareness of what are these new challenges facing the Lawyer profession, VdA Academia invited all students enrolled in Spring School Virtual 2021 to complete a brief survey on these topics.

The objective of this exploratory study, which included 200 participants, was to identify and analyze trends and understand the impact and changes undergoing currently are bringing on skills development and on the ways of teaching Law in Portuguese Universities.

Among others, the results of the study showed that students consider the development of behavioral skills (soft skills) to be very important for the Lawyer profession and considered only important the development of technological skills. When asked about which learning methods and formats they favored most, students showed preference for more formal learning methods and formats, such as in-class classes and reading articles, books and documentation.

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