Afonso Ferreira, student at Nova University of Lisbon Faculty of Law, and Rita de Sousa Costa and Tiago Sérgio Cabral, from the University of Minho, Faculty of Law which co-authored a paper, were ex-aequo winners of the first prize of the 2016 VdAcademia International Award. Násio Oliveira from ISCTEM Mozambique, received an Honourable Mention. The prizes were handed over by Vasco Vieira de Almeida, founder of Vieira de Almeida & Associados (VdA) and Paulo Olavo Cunha, partner at VdA, during the 3rd Meeting of Corporate Academies under the organization of VdAcademia, which took place at Fundação Gulbenkian. “It was an absolute pleasure for me to be able to take part in VdAcademia International Award. There aren’t that many opportunities to research and produce legal texts in the early years of a career in law. Therefore it is extremely rewarding to be able to witness the development of this kind of initiative. I congratulate VdA and VdAcademia for the creation of this award, and I hope that it might develop even further, both in Portugal and abroad” said Afonso Ferreira.