Meeting counted with the input from Deloitte, Grupo Mello, McDonald's and Sonae.

The II Corporate Academies meeting under VdAcademia's sponsorship took place on 24 September in CCB at 3 p.m. Speakers from Deloitte, Grupo Mello, McDonald's, Sonae and VdAcademia joined together to discuss matters concerning: "Myths, difficulties and challenges faced by corporate academies' stakeholders"
Nuno Gonçalves, Partner at Deloitte, Paulo Jorge Duarte, Training Manager at McDonald's and Maria João Dias, Director of International Mobility, Compensation and Benefits and HR Analytics at Sonae were the guest speakers that joined Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira, partner at VdA and VdAcademia's outgoing president, after a five year mandate. The debate was chaired by Margarida Couto, Partner at VdA who will be presiding over VdAcademia after Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira.
Some of the teasers presented for debate concerned: "Training centres in Portugal: a new trend or a necessity?"; "Training: a true investment or a loss of time?"; "Training: to fill in gaps or to develop talents?"; "Training: are we building on sustainability or training our future competitors?".