“Its 5 days of enrichment and personal development, sharing of experiences and interests and an opportunity to discuss topics of extreme relevance in our practical life, such as: Networking or career management. Motivating.” testimony of a 3rd edition participant.


After the success of previous editions, VdA Academia announces the 4th edition of Women on Boards Executive Program happening on November 13, 14, 15, 27 and 28. 

Women on Boards is a program that emerges to respond to the regime established by Law no. 62/2017, of August, 1st of a balanced representation between men and women at the administration boards and oversight in the private and public sectors. The paradigm was widened to all the managing staff and public administration entities, by the Law n.26/2019, of 28 March.

In this context, it aims to promote gender equality, preparing and empowering women to the development of a broad, complete and essential knowledge matrix for the resolution of business practice situation. It's a distintictive programme which presents a combination of matters hard to find, addressing management, legal and behavioral contents throughout five days.

The program is held by VdA trainers, as well as teachers from Porto Business School and ISEG. Participants are also given the opportunity of networking in a proximity and sharing environment with guest Key Note Speakers, getting to know their experience and challenges they face as managers.

It allows the development of a wide and full knowledge matrix, key to corporate practice problem solving. 

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