VdA Academia Digital Training Hub presents “Emotional Intelligence and Resilience” the eLearning course, custom-designed to develop these which are two of the most important skills for the future (which has already arrived!) of work.

The 30-hour course is tutored by Sandra Pedro Serrano, CEO of VdA Academia and Psychologist with extensive experience in the development of behavioral and leadership skills, and combines asynchronous training content with daily monitoring and constant feedback to the practical exercises. The course also includes the design of an individual development plan and a coaching session.

This course, therefore, aims to empower participants with skills and tools that promote more effective emotional management, contributing positively to the improvement of their personal and professional performance.

To learn more about this course, please visit the Digital Training Hub platform at e-vdacademia.pt or send us an email to vdacademia@vda.pt.