Law schools teach us how to interpret the law, case law and doctrine. They encourage us to develop skills in argumentation, counter-argumentation, speech and writing. But no one prepares us on how to deal with people and to manage our emotions in the face of the great challenge that is practicing law.

Being a lawyer is not just about having knowledge of the law, but also knowing how to use it as a tool to connect emotionally with clients. As much as in solving problems themselves, clients actually see value in the manner in which we convey understanding and compassion.

It is essential to fully understand the reality of one's own emotions and how to manage them with wisdom and motivation, in order to build a relationship of trust, respect, and ability to influence when dealing with a client.

Therefore, with the goal of providing participants with knowledge, skills and tools that promote a more effective emotion management, thus contributing positively to the improvement of their personal and professional performance, VdA Academia will hold from 10 October to 18 November, through the Digital Training Hub - - the 1st edition open to the public of the Emotional Intelligence and Resilience in Legal Context eLearning course.
Some of the features available in this training program include holding synchronous and asynchronous online learning sessions, sharing relevant literature and digital manuals, holding a discussion forum, and even initiating hands-on activities. It is a course that combines both tutoring and continuous educational follow-up, while respecting the flexibility and pace of each participant.

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Early Bird until 9 September.