Lawyer and Citizen – Commitment to a Freer and Fairer Society

Applications are now open for VdA Academia Spring School 2024, which will take place on the 25th, 26th and 27th of March, at the MH Atlântico Hotel, in Peniche.

VdA Academia Spring School is an inclusive and equal training program for Law students, which aims to develop the behavioural skills (soft skills) most valued by law firms, complementing the learning of legal skills (hard skills) acquired at universities as well how to contribute to the promotion of equal opportunities.

In the year in which 50 years of Democracy are celebrated and under the motto “Lawyer and Citizen – Commitment to a Freer and Fairer Society”, in the 16th Spring School edition the students will have the opportunity to reflect on the fundamental values ​​of the Rule of Law, the role of Lawyers in defending the Freedoms and Guarantees achieved and how important it is for young people not to take freedom for granted and to remain vigilant and committed to building a freer, fairer society prepared to respond to the challenges of the future.

They will also have the opportunity to develop the behavioural skills most valued by law firms and get to know the main challenges facing the Law sector, through practical workshops and inspiring talks, which will help then prepare their entry into the job market.

 Applications until March 5th on Applications are now open for VdA Academia Spring School 2024 - Media - VdA Academia (

Communication to selected* and non-selected candidates will be made on March 7th.

*The registration fee (€50) will be donated to TESE - Associação para o Desenvolvimento, a non-profit organization that develops projects to promote youth employability.