You choose the way!

Applications are now open for VdA Academia Spring School 2020, a distinguishing program focused on the development of differentiating soft skills in the professional life of future young lawyers.

The program will take place on April 6, 7 and 8 in Peniche and will allow 100 law students from all over the country to explore behavioral skills essential for a successful career in a law firm, with inspiring talks and several practical workshops.

With more than 400 participants and 60 summer internships awarded in previous editions, in this 2020 edition VdA Vieira de Almeida continues to innovate, enabling Spring Scholars to create their personalized training experience, with the chance to choose the workshops best suited to their interests.

Among the topics to be chosen are key skills such as Negotiation or Presentation Techniques, but also new topics such as Emotional Intelligence or Digital Transformation, essential to break through the new frontiers of the profession.

Spring School also offers numerous networking opportunities and the possibility to win a summer internship at VdA, which results in a "very enriching experience on a personal and academic level. It allows a practical learning of soft skills, a privileged contact with professionals from a large law firm and with a new paradigm of the profession", as one of the participants of the last edition states.

The participation has a cost of 50 euros as a registration fee (which reverts to the projects promoting youth employability of TESE - Association for Development) and includes accommodation and meals at the MH Atlântico hotel in Peniche, and round-trip transportation from Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto.

Explore the way: know more and apply until March 8 here