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VdA Academia offers distance training to develop your personal and professional skills and prepare you for the challenges of the future.

Live training and eLearning sessions are available - at your own pace and from the location that is most convenient for you - using the know-how of our experts in each subject and tools and materials that are diversified and suited to your needs.

/7 Continuous technical and pedagogical monitoring
% Adapted schedule to your availability
% Easy-to-use tools

Live training courses are designed to bring the dynamics of a training room to the digital environment, allowing continuous interaction between the trainer and the trainees.

These sessions are held in real time and with a maximum duration of 2 hours.

eLearning trainings combine several pedagogical resources to provide a complete and impactful online learning path.

They ensure our team’s technical and pedagogical monitoring of the trainees and some of the features available in this training format include synchronous and asynchronous sessions, sharing of relevant literature and digital manuals, launching debates in forums and practical activities.

They are totally flexible courses and adapted to each individual’s pace and can be taken any time and any place, in an independent way.

Law, Management and Administration and Personal Development training courses are available. We also have courses available by business sector.

For more informations please contact us.

  • Make the most of resources and time with flexible learning solutions that are compatible with the demands of day-to-day work;
  • It allows reaching the entire team, providing an inclusive training offer for the entire organization, overcoming language, time and location barriers.

“Legal English must not be confused with common English. They are hugely different. Just because we are fluent in English it doesn’t mean that we are going to be proficient in legal English. We need to understand the specificities of legal writing so that our messages are useful and unequivocal.”

Raquel Castro Valente
Senior Lawyer Linguist | VdA

"The use of emotional intelligence in whatever legal profession, coupled with the technical excellence of legal counsel, has a decisive bearing on the performance of any lawyer."

Sandra Pedro Serrano
CEO VdA Academia

"The integration of a digital approach to traditional training was a natural evolution for VdA Academia and is in line with the growth strategy defined for the coming years. Our mission is to continue to offer a quality service, now more complete, more flexible and more inclusive.”

Sandra Pedro Serrano
CEO VdA Academia

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