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VdA Academia

The VdA Academia

“Since our first steps, our aim has always been to create a firm solidly anchored in the highest standards. Along the way, we are proud to have created a true school, at the heart of which our professional and personal values are passed on from one generation to another.”
Vasco Vieira de Almeida, Founding Partner

VdA Academia is the first training association to be created by a law firm in Portugal and the sole one to be officially certified by DGERT in legal studies. We are therefore able to concede training certificates to both VdA's lawyers, business professionals and clients.

We aim to reward merit and to promote excellence and innovation - this is VdA's added value. It is our aim that the people we work with may develop both at a personal and professional level with VdA’s support. Through VdA Academia we provide grants to our lawyers to allow them to attend any kind of training event, whether at VdA or at national and international universities.

We sponsor and support knowledge research projects and, through our annual VdA Academia International Award we sponsor and reward legal research in Portuguese Universities as well as in the Portuguese-speaking world.