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The data gathered by means of this form shall be processed and stored both in paper and in dematerialised form. Vieira de Almeida e Associados, Sociedade de Advogados, RL (“VdA”) is the entity responsible for the treatment of such personal data.

Supplied information shall be treated and used for the purpose of evaluation in relation to the Award, and may also be used for recruitment purposes and in order to weigh the possibility of collaboration between the subject of the data and VdA.

The fields in the table above may not be left blank. Failure to supply the data required shall cause the relevant essay to be excluded from consideration, and will make it impossible to weigh possibility of collaboration between the subject of the data and VdA.

VdA may relay your data to subcontracted companies for the aforementioned purposes.

Within the terms of the applicable legislation, the subject hereof is granted the right to access, correct and update its personal data, by means of a written request to be submitted to VdA Academia and couriered to Av. Duarte Pacheco, nº 26, 1070-110 Lisboa.

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